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The internet life I have lead has been an odd one. It began almost a decade ago, sneaking down to my dad's computer at three in the morning to play DOOM online. From there, things spread rapidly- the internet gave me a chance to exist in a world wherein people didn't even know about me and school. And so I wound up spending more and more time online, getting more and more immersed, until eventually, dad went and got me my own AOL account. You can imagine how much fun I had dealing with the anti-AOLers. One particular moment springs to mind of an occasion years later, when a guy I met playing Jedi Knight on the MSN gaming zone decided, since the clan we were in had basically fallen off the map, to form our own clan. We formed it and began recruiting members, none of whom I ever saw after the initial recruiting (and I was on a LOT). Then, a few weeks into it, my co-founder disapeared. Without a trace. Never on MSN, never answered emails, nothing. So the clan consisted of one member: me. And when a member of the clan my co-founder loved to make fun of (his exact phrasing was "Cedric blows his own goats", to which I would always respond "Would you rather he did that to someone else's?") approached me with an offer of war. Figuring my co-founder'd be delighted, I said sure. When, after a six-week absence, he finally came online again, he was pissed as hell at me for declaring war without consulting him. "You were gone." I said "It really helps if you don't spend six weeks away without saying anything. Where were you, by the way?" It turns out the prepaid time his ISP gave him had run out, and so he was stuck until the next year rolled around. He asked me why I'd done so little in the war (why there'd been so little war, really, as I was the clan at this point) and I explained that AOL often ran interference and kept me from logging on. "Dude," said the guy whose ISP had left him completely without access for over a month, "Get a new ISP. AOL sucks."

Perhaps more important were my Bible-thumper-thumping days, wherein I made a point of grabbing their Bibles and thumping the thumpers (anti-evangelical evangelism isn't pretty either). I was the terror of a great many Usenet boards, but eventually, I moved on. I'd left the necessary moderatism behind. So I was rather surprised 20 minutes ago when a ghost from the past who I had almost forgotten sends me an IM containing a link to this: http://www.chick.com/articles/dnd.asp Read the sequel articles too, they're pretty amusing. My favorite quote is "Contrary to the ramblings of D&D defenders like Michael Stackpole, the Necronomicon and the Cthulhu mythos are quite real." I'm sure the Army of Darkness appreciates that. Which is more than I can say for Jesus.

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