Dan (dasphios) wrote,

Back home for thansgiving. Pissed as fuck at Blizzard, because for some inexplicable reason, they've decided to axe Dvorak support for Diablo 2, meaning once again I find myself mute in online gaming. I don't give a fuck about WOW, but if any of you are still gunning for them, you can count me in.

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    Who the hell makes mashed potatoes without butter? That's no different from making them without potatoes!

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    It rained on Saturday. Or, rather, it rained Saturday. I woke up at seven, and it had been raining for some time. I went out to breakfast with mom,…

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    My patience is begining to wear thin. Fallujah's a bombed-out wreck, and all I keep hearing is praise for the 'courages marines' that 'drove out the…

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