November 14th, 2004


(no subject)

So here's my latest beef: people who refuse to use their real names. Or, rather, their first names. Alternate spellings may annoy the fuck out of me, but those people have nothing on these- you were given your name for a reason! And if that weren't bad enough, some of you insist on putting your first initial before it- W. David Heger, J. Danforth Quayle (do I have to say why he pisses me off so egregiously?)- so not only do you identify yourself as an arrogant asshole, you reek of pretension as well. Live it up while you can, since I'm starting up a policy to have you rounded up and bludgeoned.
But I'm not totally unreasonable here, I'm a rational man. And that's why I'm going to make an exception and exempt James Paul McCartney from that policy. Of course, that's going to make it seem like I'm playing favorites, so I'll spare an inverterate asshole as well, and disallow the capture and clubbing of Ruiz Fidel Castro. But the rest of you, shape up or watch out!